Sarah is originally from Southern California but moved north to attend the University of Washington. Since graduating, she has begun to hone her interests for a long term career and has enjoyed cultivating her green thumbs. Her horticultural experience began with an Aerogarden in her small college apartment but quickly flourished into a patio (and apartment) covered in greenery. She finally has a yard of her own and spends most of her free time scheming about things to plant. Currently she wants to dig up part of the front lawn for more vegetable beds (better sun exposure after all). Her husband still needs some convincing.

Sarah recently began blending her love of plants with her even stronger love of food and seeks to become as self-sustaining as she can be given her limited space. She believes that with some good seeds and a little love, anyone can grow lettuce or tomatoes in the confines of their humble abode and one of her goals is to empower people of any age to regain control of their nutrition in a world that has become increasingly fixated on bland, nutritiously-empty food.